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What our clients say


David Slobodin
Independent Inventor

Mark, I would like you to know that I really appreciate the work you've done on my behalf so far.  I'm impressed and very pleased with the quality of the portfolio marketing materials you prepared and the depth of your patent landscape work, and I appreciate your professionalism and communication style. Thanks!  Keep up the good work!

Independent Inventor, Contractor

I began with an idea, a set of drawings and some gathered tools and out came this fantastic product and was copied immediately by the major corporations.  I needed to find someone who would fight for my patent. After having done some research I came to the decision that Cascades (Mark and Tony) were the ones that would get my patent sold. They had great knowledge of the industry, the right connections and they worked hard for me. They did a fantastic job of marketing my product and selling it to the appropriate buyers without delay. They were dedicated and determined and I am glad I chose Cascades. I could not have done it without you. Thank you.

John Nix
Independent Inventor

Over the past decade, I have been fortunate to work with Tony through a wide range of patent matters from initial prosecution through monetization. When drafting claims, Tony has provided important feedback to improve the claims for future licensing opportunities. When licensing opportunities are in active negotiation, a short phone call with Tony has been essential to properly evaluate key licensing terms from the other party. When a patent portfolio was for sale, Tony had the key legal contact for the buyer in his large network of leading attorneys and law firms.

Alexander Kim
CEO, Elbrus International Ltd.

We are a small Russian IT company who produced microprocessors with proper original VLIW type architecture and optimizing compilers for computers based on them. We have several dozen of US patents dealing with architecture and structure of our microprocessors, as well as the methods used in our compilers. We are grateful to the Cascades company and personally Mr. Brown for the promotion and protection of our intellectual property in the US and Europe. Cascades has generated a number of licenses for us with major phone manufacturers. Cascades features a deep understanding of the current state of the computer industry, encyclopedic knowledge of its products and highly qualified lawyers.

antonio rossi
Antonio Rossi
Independent Inventor

After having investigated the field of subjects operating in the field of protecting the inventors, I discovered that actually Tony invented the field of the IP protection for small inventors. So I asked him to take care of our patents. I was told many times by other people that Tony is the best, after many years of working with him, I think it is true.

J Carl Cooper
J. Carl Cooper
Independent Inventor

I am an independent inventor and have had dozens of patents awarded to me in the past 35 years... I have been very pleased with both the quality of [Cascades'] work and the end results. Starting in 1998 ... they have generated dozens of licenses [worth] hundreds of millions of dollars[.]... Best of all, and unlike some other attorneys I dealt with before I met Mr. Brown, they are honest!... In my opinion an individual inventor or a small innovation company can’t find a better group to work with to promote and protect their intellectual property.



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