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Patent Portfolio

Micro-LED Display with Integrated Image Capture

1 issued patent and 2 pending applications owned by IdeaFarm LLC

This portfolio covers a microLED display technology that allows an entire display to function as a camera without interfering with the display pixels or requiring a separate camera.  A display using this technology has no need for a separate camera element, allows for true bezel-less display, improves touch, fingerprint, and gesture sensing, and removes the need for capacitive sensing. MicroLED is an emerging display technology and is expected to grow rapidly in the next several years. All of the patents in this portfolio were invented by David Slobodin, who is a renowned and prolific inventor of more than 36 patents and has more than 25 years of professional work in the engineering, manufacturing, and commercialization of leading display, optoelectronic, and computing devices.



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