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Patent Brokerage

Cascades Ventures is a leading patent brokerage firm. We partner with innovators to sell or license their patents. With over a decade experience in the patent monetization business, we developed connections with all types of patent purchasers, including both small and large corporations, patent aggregators, and non-practicing entities. We connect directly with key decision makers at these firms and negotiate sales for maximum value.


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Why Choose Us

Our Brokerage Advantages

Unlike other brokerage firms, we have unique capabilities that will unlock the value of your patents.


Established network

We have close connections with all types of patent purchasers.


Prior Success

We have generated millions of dollars from licensing and selling a variety of patents.


Expert Negotiators

Our negotiating proficiency will maximize the value of your patents.


Technical Expertise

We work with complex patents from a myriad of technological areas.


Strategic Insight

Our experience with litigation issues gives us unparalleled strategic insight.


Targeted Marketing

We will prepare a custom marketing package for your portfolio.



Cascades Ventures is a leading patent brokerage and enforcement firm. Submit your patents for review.