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PatHub by Cascades Ventures

PatHub Press Release

Cascades Ventures is pleased to announce the launch of a new venture, PatHub, which will revolutionize the patent monetization business.

PatHub is an online marketplace for the purchase, sale or licensing of patents and for finding related legal, consulting, and valuation services.

PatHub enables patent owners to market their patents like a professional patent broker. Patent owners can list their patent portfolios on the site for a fee of only $99 per year, providing pertinent information in a user-friendly format. Subscribers also gain access to a monetization guide that will assist them in valuing, packaging, and marketing their portfolios. Patent buyers are automatically notified of new listings and can search for portfolios that meet their specific criteria. PatHub also provides contact listings for a variety of relevant service providers.

Anthony O. Brown, founder of PatHub and Cascades Ventures, has been a pioneer in the field of patent monetization for more than 20 years. He said:

“Litigation is an incredibly wasteful and inefficient way to monetize patents. It’s extraordinarily expensive, takes years to resolve and the legislative and judicial trends have been virulently anti-patent. PatHub presents an alternative to litigation: a user friendly marketplace for patents and related services at a nominal cost.”

Cascades Ventures, the sponsor of PatHub, is a patent licensing and brokerage business. Mr. Brown founded Cascades in 2005 following the sale of its predecessor, Global Patent Holdings, to Acacia Research (Nasdaq: ACTG).

For further information, contact:

Mark Magas

Anthony Brown