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Unified communications

Cascades Brokering New Unified Cloud Services Platform Patent Portfolio

Cascades Ventures is pleased to announce that we have been retained by Zilkr Cloud Technologies LLC to broker the sale or license of a patent portfolio covering a Unified Cloud Services Platform. This portfolio includes six different technologies related to integrating cloud communication services with other third party services, including: (1) Integrated Service Marketplace, (2) Chained Services, (3) Combined Service Actions, (4) Group Service Activation, (5) Service Activation, and (6) Tiered Services.

For more details about this offering, see:

About Zilkr Cloud Technologies LLC. The patents are currently owned by Zilkr Cloud Technologies, an operating cloud software company. Zilkr provides a single API that allows network providers to integrate with service providers. Zilkr's leadership team invented these technologies as part of previous cloud technology ventures. For more information, visit

About Cascades Ventures. Cascades Ventures is a leading patent brokerage and licensing firm with over twenty years of experience monetizing patents. For more information, visit

To view all of our patent portfolios currently on offer, visit