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Intellectual property brokerage and enforcement.
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Level the playing field against much larger companies with much greater resources.
Monetize Your Patents
List your patents for sale or license on PatHub, our patent marketplace.
Welcome to Cascades Ventures

Patent Monetization

We help innovators sell, license, and enforce patents. We provide expert advice and guidance based on our experience being at the forefront of the patent monetization business for over a decade.


Patent Brokerage

We will sell or license your patents.


Patent Enforcement

We provide funding and guidance to enforce your patents.


Patent Marketplace

List your patents for sale on PatHub.

Why Choose Us

Our Advantages

Unlike our competitors, we are a boutique intellectual property brokerage and finance firm -- not a massive, publicly traded corporation that puts share price ahead of its clients.


Extensive Network

We work with the top patent purchasers, law firms, and technical experts in the country. 


Prior Success

We have generated millions of dollars from licensing and selling a variety of patents.


Proven Management

Our team has tremendous experience in the patent monetization business.


Personalized Service

We limit the number of matters we take on so we can work closely with our clients.



Although we are not a law firm, we provide funding for legal services and costs.


Interests Aligned

We are only compensated to the extent your patents are successfully monetized.


Our Process

We help you through the patent brokerage and enforcement process from start to finish.

Step 1.

Submit Your Patents

Send us your patents through one of the contact methods listed on this site, along with any other information that may help us evaluate the matter. We will perform an initial review of your patents to determine their significance and potential value.

Step 2.

Letter of Intent

If your patents have significant potential, we will engage you with a letter of intent, which gives us an exclusive period of time to evalutate your patents and describes the general terms of our agreement. We will advance funds for the costs of selling, licensing, or enforcing of the patents in consideration for a negotiated percentage of any revenues.

Step 3.

Due Diligence

When we review your patents, we will work with you to fully understand the technology, review the file history, assess the market, and develop a monetization strategy. If we are satisifed with our due diligence, we will finalize an agreement based on the terms of the letter of intent.

Step 4.


We will execute the strategy set forth and work to maximize the value of your patents. You will be under no obligation to repay the funds that we advance other than from the revenues derived from the intellectual property.

What our clients say


Talented Folks


Our team has extensive experience in the patent monetization business.

John joe

Anthony Brown

CEO and Founder

Mr. Brown is a pioneer in the field of patent licensing and enforcement. In 1998, he founded TechSearch LLC, one of the first companies to engage in the business of patent licensing on a major scale. . .



Cascades Ventures is a leading patent brokerage and enforcement firm. Submit your patents for review.