Patent Licensing and Commercial Litigation

Our mission is to provide innovators the resources they need to protect against infringement by companies that use the technology without paying for it.

Protecting Innovators

We help provide a level playing field for individuals or small or mid-size businesses that are faced with the prospect of enforcing intellectual property against much larger companies with much greater resources. We provide financial assistance to help pay for legal expenses and costs, experts fees, travel expenses, court costs and the like.

Maximizing the Value of Your Innovation

We provide expert advice and guidance on effective licensing and enforcement strategies and tactics, based on experience garnered over more than a decade of our being at the forefront of the business.

Welcome to Cascades Ventures

Welcome to Cascades Ventures

We are a boutique intellectual property licensing and finance firm that focuses on working closely with our clients. We limit the number of matters we take on so as to retain the capability to provide personalized service to each client. For patent licensing, we are involved with every aspect of the licensing and enforcement process, including litigation strategy, licensing negotiations, market and product research, infringement analysis, expert selection and prosecution of continuing applications. We also provide funding for trade secret litigation. Unlike in many other firms, the owner of Cascades, Anthony Brown, is “hands on” and personally involved with each matter. We are not a licensing or litigation “factory” in any sense of the word.

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Patent Licensing and Commercial Litigation

Our Advantages

Established Network

Cascades has extensive contacts in the licensing and enforcement business. These contacts include the most preeminent litigation firms and technical experts in the country. Cascades will guide you through the process of selecting the best plan of action for realizing the greatest value from your intellectual property.

Legal Services Funding

Although Cascades is not a law firm and will not itself provide legal services, it will provide the funding to ensure that you are well represented by the most capable attorneys and that their fees and costs can be paid. You will be under no obligation to repay the funds that Cascades advances other than from the revenues derived from the IP.

Prior Success

The founder and CEO of Cascades is a pioneer in the patent and licensing business. In 1998, he founded a company called TechSearch, LLC, which was one of the first companies to engage in the patent and licensing business on a major scale. In 2005, TechSearch and its affiliates were acquired by a public company and Cascades was formed as a successor to carry on the business. Cascades and its predecessor companies generated millions of dollars in patent licensing revenues from a myriad of different patent portfolios in different technological fields.

Interests Aligned

Cascades delivers personalized service to all of its clients, taking a hands-on approach with each matter. Unlike its competitors, Cascades is not a massive, publicly traded corporation that puts share price ahead of its clients. Since Cascades will be compensated only to the extent that your intellectual property is successfully exploited, it will have a shared economic interest with you in the successful outcome.
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